Making and Booting a Live USB

Making an Ubuntu Live USB

Download Ubuntu, a linux based OS.

If you have a 64bit PC, you'll want to use this link

If you have a 32bit PC, you'll want to use this link

If you don't know if your PC is 32bit or 64bit, downloading the 32bit will work on both.

After downloading the file, head on over to

and install Linux Live USB Creator. Follow the instructions on how to make a Live USB.

If you're using mac osx click on

Starting the Live USB

Plug the Live USB into the PC and then turn it on.
If you aren't greeted with an Ubuntu screen showing "Try Ubuntu" or "Install Ubuntu"
click on Troubleshooting Starting a Live USB.

Choose "Try Ubuntu" you should get a desktop after a few mins.
If you're stuck at a black screen, click on Black Screen After Starting a Live USB.

After the desktop has loaded you can click on "Install Ubuntu" or you can use the program "Gparted" in order to make changes to your hard disk partitioning.

If you press Ctrl + Alt + T you'll open a terminal and should see a command prompt such as ubuntu@ubuntu:~$

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